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REC Recognizes Additional Funding – Will it Go Towards Your Raise?

REC Recognizes Additional Funding – Will it Go Towards Your Raise?

On Monday, May 9th the Revenue Estimating Conference met to review and revise the Official Revenue Forecast for FY22 and FY23 as well as recognize FY21 year-end balances. The REC recognized an additional $350 million in revenue for this year (and $104 million for next year).

Now, the question is: how will the legislature choose to use this additional funding?

When BESE submitted the MFP to the legislature, they also included a letter urging that a portion of the additional funds recognized by the Revenue Estimating Conference in early May be allocated for additional salary increases. Now that the additional money is there, it’s up to the legislature to decide whether or not they want BESE to increase the MFP.

In order to increase the pay raise in the MFP, the legislature would use either HCR 23 (Harris) or SCR 19 (Fields) to return the MFP to BESE. Then, BESE can increase the level 3 funding in the MFP (the portion specifically designated to pay raises) and send the new formula back to the legislature for approval. Then the legislature would have to approve either HCR 23 or SCR 19 and fund the MFP in the budget.

Now that additional funding is available, political horse-trading will truly begin. It’s critical that your legislators hear from you; that they know their constituents want them to prioritize a larger pay increase for teachers and school employees.

Use the form below to send an email to your legislators (or click here).

Or you can call and leave a message for your legislators by calling:

  • Louisiana House of Representatives: 225-342-6945 (HCR 23)      
  • Louisiana Senate: (225) 342-2040 (SCR 19)

When you call, you will be able to leave a message for your legislator. Tell them your name, the name of your legislator, and your phone number. Then tell them you are calling to ask that they support additional funding for teacher & school employee pay raises. Please send HCR 23 or SCR 19 back to BESE so they can increase funding.

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