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Working Conditions Survey

Teachers' working conditions are students' learning conditions. When teachers and staff are under-resourced, over-worked and over-stressed, it impacts their students. Policymakers have an obligation to support teachers and school support staff because they are the ones who ensure our children get a quality education. Too often, the working conditions of teachers and support staff are not conducive to learning.

Do you get the time you need to prepare for class and tend to your own needs? Are you getting the professional autonomy you deserve? Does the PD at your school help you become a better educator?

We want to hear from you! Tell us about the working conditions in your school. Your responses on this survey are anonymous and will inform our legislative agenda, policy positions, and political endorsements.

This is survey #4 in LFT’s Six Weeks Six Surveys Campaign. Each week, we will send you a survey focused on a particular topic that is important to many of Louisiana’s teachers and school employees. This week, we are focused on your Working Conditions. Each survey should take less than 10-minutes to complete and your responses are anonymous.

These surveys are part of our efforts to prepare for the 2023 Legislative Session. The session begins on Monday, April 10th and ends on Thursday, June 8th. During these nine weeks, legislators will make decisions and pass laws that impact you, your students and our communities. It is important that the experiences of teachers and school employees be centered in these discussions. Your responses on these surveys will ensure that the voices of educators are part of these discussions at the Capitol.


If you are having trouble viewing or completing the survey, please visit:

To look up your Louisiana legislators, please visit:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Richard Baker at or 225.293.1037

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